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EMS/Medical Supplies: Personal Items

Window Punch- Item# EM-110- Price: $7.75
Seat Belt Cutter- Item# EM-119- Price: $5.95
Pager Case, Small, Black- Item# RB-209A- Price: $7.75
Glove Case, Small, Black only- Item# SI-210- Price: $5.25
Glove Case, Double, Black only- Item# SI-210A- Price: $5.75
EMT Holster, Vertical, Small, Black- Item# GF-211- Price: $7.75
EMT Holster, Vertical, Large, Black or Blue- Item# GF-211A- Price: $8.75
EMT Holster, Horizontal, Black- Item# AD-211B- Price: $7.75
Wallet, Fire Fighter, Red- Item# RB-212- Price: $9.50
Wallet w/Badge Holder Black- Item# RB-212A- Price: $12.50
Mini LED Light*- Black or Yellow- Item# PL-222- Price: $15.50
Mitylite*- Item# PL-203- Price: $12.75
Super Sabrelite*, - Black, Yellow, Orange- Item# PL-204- Price: $32.95
Pocket Sabrelite*, Black or yellow- Item# PL-204A- Price: $30.95
Stealthlite*, Black, Yellow, Orange- Item# PL-218- Price: $29.95
Versa Brite*, Black only- Item# PL-217- Price: $20.75
* All lights include required batteries!
Lite Holder Bracket, - Item# PL-218A- Price: $14.50
Mitylite Replacement Light Bulb, (each)- Item# PL-213B- Price: $7.25
Stealth Replacement Light Bulb, (each)- Item# PL-221- Price: $11.50
Sabre Replacement Light Bulb, (each)- Item# PL-204B- Price: $9.95
Emergency Strobe Light, - Item# MP-205- Price: $19.95
Magnetic Base for Emergency Strobe Light, - Item# PL-205A- Price: $2.95
Colored Lenses for Emergecncy Strobe Light, - Item# PL-205B- Price: $2.95
Cyalume Light Stick, Choose color and time below- (each)- Item# HW-202- Price: $1.95
Stickers and Decals- Order by Style and Title