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EMS/Medical Supplies: Oxygen Supplies and Equipment

E/T Tube (uncuffed), (each)- Item# EK-602- Price: $4.25
E/T Tube (cuffed), (each)- Item# EK-603- Price: $4.50
Oxygen Wrench- plastic- Item# CM-604- Price: $4.25
Regulator Ambu, 25lt (liter flow only)- Item# AB-605C- Price: $98.00
Regulator Ambu, 25lt (2 check valves)- Item# AB-605D- Price: $109.00
Ambu Disposable Bag Valve Mask, (Adult, each)- Item# AB-2002- Price: $18.95
Ambu Disposable Bag Valve Mask, (Infant/Child, each)- Item# AB-2004- Price: $18.95
Oral Airway, (each -sizes 0-5)- Item# GF-615- Price: $.60 each
Oral Airway, (set of 6)- Item# GF-615A- Price: $3.25
Microshield, (each )- Item# MP-616- Price: $5.95
Microshield, (box of 10)- Item# MP-616A- Price: $56.00
Microkey, (choose color below)- Item# MP-617- Price: $7.50
Choose your color:
Microkey, (box of 10, choose color below)- Item# MP-617A- Price: $71.00
Choose your color:
Micromask w/case, (each )- Item# MP-616C- Price: $12.95
Micromask w/case, (box of 10)- Item# MP-616D- Price: $119.50
Micromask Replacement Valve- Item# MP-616G- Price: $4.95
Micromask w/Case and O2 Inlet, (each )- Item# MP-616H- Price: $13.95
Micromask w/Case and O2 Inlet, W/O2 Inlet (box of 10)- Item# MP-616I- Price: $129.50
Bite Stick, (each )- Item# GF-619- Price: $.60
Bite Stick, (box of 10)- Item# GF-619A- Price: $5.25
Bulb Syringe, - Item# GM-625- Price: $3.50
Res-Q-Vac, - Item# MD-626- Price: $67.95
Nasal Airways, (each )- Item# RU-645- Price: $3.95
Specify Size:
Nasal Airways, with SurgiLube, (set of 5- sizes 20F, 24F, 26F, 30F and 32F)- Item# RU-645B- Price: $17.95
Ambu Res-Cue Key, (each, choose color below)- Item# AB-2018- Price: $6.75
Choose your color:
Ambu Res-Cue Key, (box of 10, choose color below)- Item# AB-2018A- Price: $63.50
Choose your color:
Disposable Laryngoscope Blades, MacIntosh style (each)- Item# VS-631C- Price: $4.75
Disposable Laryngoscope Blades, Miller style (each)- Item# VS-631D- Price: $4.75

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